• Lesson 10


    #10 monday, September 24th 2018




    password= nap time


    = l'heure de la sieste






    Adam, Alice and Amy are recording their first Youtube video.


    It must be perfect!The name of the channel is The A-club Youtube channel.


    Adam introduces himself first.


    He says that he is 13 years old.


    Adam talks about his talents and passions: he says he is sporty and artistic. He can


    sing and can play the guitar. He is lazy and cute!


    He has got a sister and a twin brother named Luke.


    Luke has got blue eyes like Adam, but Adam thinks he is cuter!


    Amy is mocking Adam! She says he is pretentious.






    record = enregistrer a twin = un jumeau


    to introduce oneself = se présenter to mock = se moquer


    to talk about = parler de pretentious = prétentieux


    sporty = sportif


    lazy = paresseux


    cute= mignon






    Name: What's your name?


    Age: How old are you?


    Family: Have you got any brothers or sisters?


    Talents: What are your talents or passions?


    physical/moral description: Can you describe yourself?




    dans les questions fermées (yes/no) l'intonation est montante (du grave vers aigu)


    dans les questions ouvertes (WH-?) l'intonation est descendante




    homework: Wednesday 26th 


    apprendre la leçon.


    Savoir prononcer les questions en respectant l'intonation.


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