• lesson 10

    #10 Tuesday, September 25th 2018


    Password: I want to believe

    = je veux y croire



    There are three characters. Amy, Adam and Alice are the A-club.

    They live in London/ the scene takes place in London. It takes place in an appartment

    in a bedroom.

    They are recording their first youtube video with a smartphone to introduce themselves.


    The scene takes place = la scène se déroule

    to introduce oneself = se présenter


    Adam is the first to introduce himself.

    Name: His name's Adam.

    Age: He is 13 (years old)

    physical - moral description: He is sporty, he's got blue eyes, he's got spiky hair and he is cute.

    He's lazy, he's not modest but pretentious.

    passions/hobbies: he can play the guitar and can sing so he's artistic. He loves watching TV.

    family: he's got a sister and a twin brother named Luke.

     Sporty = sportif spiky= en pique cute=mignon

    lazy =paresseux pretentious= prétentieux twin= jumeau

    pour exprimer le talent et la capacité:

    S+ CAN + BV


    homework: wednesday 26th september

    • apprendre la leçon (passage au tableau)




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