• Lesson 11

    #11 Wednesday, September 26th 2018

    password= busted /i/

    = pris la main dans le sac / grillé!



    Alice introduces herself.

    Name: Her name's Alice.

    Age: She's 13 (years old) like Adam.

    Family: She lives in London with her family.

    She is an only child but she has got lots of friends and a big cat

    named Peanut.

    Passions and description: He isn't sporty but he can play ball

    and he's cute.


    An only child = un enfant unique.


    Name: What's your name?

    Age: How old are you?

    Family: Have you got any brothers or sisters?

    Talents: What are your talents or passions?

    physical/moral description: Can you describe yourself?


    l'intonation est montante dans les questions fermées (yes/no)

    l'intonation est descendante dans les questions ouvertes (WH-?)


    pronoms réfléchis:

    I = myself

    you = yourself

    he / she / it = himself / herself / itself

    we = ourselves

    you = yourselves

    they = themselves


    homework: monday 1st October

    • savoir prononcer les questions en respectant l'intonation

    • connaitre les pronoms réfléchis


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