• Lesson 11


    #11 Wednesday, September 26th 2018


    mini me= Axel


    password= Busted!


    = Etre pris la main dans le sac




    NAME = Her name is Alice


    Age= she is 13 years old like Adam




    She lives in London with her family.


    She's an only child but she's got friends and a big cat named


    Peanut. He isn't sporty but he can play ball and he's cute.




    An only child= un enfant unique




    pronoms réfléchis:


    I = myself (moi-même)


    you = yourself (toi-même)


    he/she/it = himself/herself/ itself


    We= ourselves (nous-mêmes)


    you= yourselves (vous-mêmes)


    they= themselves (eux-mêmes)




    elle prend une photo d'elle même = She takes a photo/picture of herself


    nous nous présentons = we introduce ourselves




    homework: thursday 27th september.


    • apprendre la leçon. Connaitre les pronoms réfléchis.


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