• Lesson 12

    #12 Tuesday , October 9th 2018

    mini me=

    password= Because I'm worth it! = parce que je le vaux bien

    Be worth = valoir



    • how to locate elements on a picture.


    Foreward = en avant

    backward = en arrière

    the forehead = le front

    foresee / forecast = prévoir, prédire


    1. Anticipation

    I think that the video is about an artistic movement and its material or

    famous artists.

    Maybe the video gives the definition and the specificities of Pop Art

    I assume it is about pop music!


    Possessive: My/your/his/her/its/our/your/their




    preparation presentation video in groups.


    Homework: wednesday 10th

    • Etre prêt pour sa présentation



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