• Lesson 14

    #14 Thursday, October 4th 2018

    mini me=

    password = I’m being optimistic

    je deviens optimiste.


    Who :

    4 girls (foreground)=> There are 4 girls in the foreground.

    happy = smile = they are happy because they are smiling.

    Twins? = 2 girls long red hair => the 2 girls on the right have got

    long red hair. Probably they are twins.

    wear uniforms = pupils? =The girls are wearing uniforms so maybe they

    are pupils

    Where :

    English school ?= corridors = I suppose that they are in an English school

    in a corridor.

    lockers (background) = we can see lockers in the background.

    When :


    during recreation / break time = The scene takes place maybe during the recreation.


    What about?

    Go to school? Go home?

    Chat? = fashion? Work? Passions? Friends? Lovers? = maybe the girls are chatting about

    fashion, work or lovers.


    the scene takes place ... = la scène se passe

    to chat = bavarder

    in the foreground / in the background = au premier plan/ en arrière plan

    we can see = on voit = toujours CAN avant SEE

    to wear = porter un vêtement.



    Maybe the audio document is about 4 girls chatting about school.













    Step 2 : CLUES



    phone is ringing / phone call

    notification on the phone (message? Sms?mms?)



    NO music


    1 girl and 1 boy


    girl is happy

    homework: Monday 8th October:

    savoir transformer les mots clés en phrases.

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