• Lesson 14

    #14 Monday , October 15 th 2018


    password=It's tricky!

    = c'est pas évident / c'est technique



    The video is a documentary about the definition of Pop Art.

    The little girl explains the origins of the art movement.

    It's more than a movement it's a life style, a way of life.

    In the 40's life was grey WHEREAS / WHILE in the 50's it was glamourous and the plastic

    changed the life of people.

    Pop art stands for Popular Art: art for all! Everyone can be famous.

    The famous artists are Andy Warhol with mass production or Roy Lichteinstein with his

    comics. Pop art is everywhere, not only in museums. It is not elitist

    Pop art is bold, fun, colourful, young and witty.


    A life style / way of life = un mode de vie

    glamourous= glamour

    WHEREAS / WHILE = tandis que / alors que

    stand for = signifier

    famous (adj) / fame (N) = célèbre / célébrité

    infamous = tristement célèbre

    mass production = production de masse

    comics (strip) = BD

    bold = courageous

    witty= funny (with intelligence)


    Pronunciation / i /


    apprendre la leçon sur le pop art (test oral)



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