• Lesson 15

    #15 Thursday, October 4th 2018

    mini me=

    password= I'm being optimistic

    = je deviens optimiste



    Image Warm up :

    look at the document and memorize five words or more

    Draw your hand in your copybook and write ten words about your school inside.



    WHO = 

    4 girls with uniforms = There are 4 girls with uniforms

    pupils ? = Maybe they are pupils

    1 long dark hair = one of the girls has got long dark hair.

    1 short hair = one of the girls has got short hair.

    2 long red hair = twins ? = two of the girls have got long red hair. Probably they are twins.

    Hold copybooks = they are holding copybooks.

    Where = 

    School / corridor = they are in a school in a corridor.

    England ? = I suppose that they live in England

    When  = 

    during week = I assume that the scene takes place during the week

    morning / interclass/intercourse. I think that the scene takes place in the morning during the interclas.

    What about ?

    Girls going to class = The girls are going to class.

    laugh /smile =happy = they are laughing so they are happy

    talking/chatting = fashion ? Lovers ? Boyfriends ?= Perhaps, they are talking about lovers and fashion


    to hold = tenir/porter

    the scene takes place = la scène se passe

    to laugh / la:f/ = rigoler

    LOL = laughing out loud


    step 2 - CLUES

    audio document:


    Voices: 1 boy and 1 girl – happy

    girl = upset (agacée)


    Sounds: telephone ringing / message bip

    Music: no music


    homework: monday 8th october

    savoir transformer les mots clés en phrases

    apprendre la leçon

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