• Lesson 16

    #16 Tuesday , October 9th 2018

    mini me=

    password= Because I'm worth it!

    = parce que je le vaux bien

    be worth = valoir

    it is worth 60€ = it costs 60€



    Ema and Paul = There are two characters: one girl named Ema and

    one boy named Paul.


    near my new school / new house

    Ema or Paul moved to a new house and a new school




    • get up every morning

    • every monday morning

    • wake up half past seven

    • Paul = bus twenty to eight

    • 2 minutes

    what about:

    • ema = lucky

    • walk to school / don't take bus

    • new cook / canteen / food delicious = pastas menu = every monday

    • new uniform = send photo = skirt = :(

    • great I.T. teacher / win tablet / IT challenge every year at school

    • bus


    Ema lives near her new school so she gets up every morning at half past seven. She walks to school and doesn't take the bus.



    transformer les mots clés pour faire deux phrases

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