• Lesson 17

    #17 Thursday, October 11th 2018

    mini me=

    password= slippery floor

    = sol glissant

    to slip = glisser



    Who? = Paul and Emma

    Where? = new school / new house /

    When? = every morning / 2 minutes / monday / twenty to eight

    half past seven

    What about? = / new cook canteen / food delicious / pasta every monday/

    /teacher /win game to win tablet/challenge / new uniform / lucky /



    There are one boy and one girl. The boy is Paul and the girl is Emma.

    I suppose that Emma lives in a new house and goes to a new school.

    Emma walks to school every morning and she gets up at half past seven.

    To get up = to wake up = se lever = se réveiller


    How to tell the time

    Lesson 17



    savoir dire l'heure (s'entrainer avec exercices en ligne)

    lien vers des exercices:


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