• Lesson 22


    #22 Tuesday , November 6th 2018


    mini me=


    password= You crack me up!


    = tu me fais mourir de rire!






    there are 4 characters: Amy, Alice, Adam and the French teacher.


    The pupils are recording/filming a youtube video to show their school.


    They go upstairs on the first floor to the French room. They speak French in the video.


    French is the favorite room of Adam. Adam loves mondays and tuesdays because he


    has got French and Arts. Amy loves history whereas Alice doesn't like history.


    They have chemistry class at 11 o'clock.




    Upstairs = à l'étage


    floor = sol / étage


    chemistry = chimie


    whereas = alors que/tandis que






    savoir parler de la vidéo (interrogation orale)


    connaitre le vocabulaire


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