• Lesson 7


    #7 monday, September 24th 2018




    password= nap time


    = heure de la sieste








    Correction TEST comprehension Video: Situation 2:








    Amy and the teacher are upstairs.


    Amy is late. She is never late.


    The scene takes place in Barnett School in the morning.


    Amy had lots of problems:


    First, her brother couldn't find his tie because it was in the


    messy bedroom.


    Then, she lost/couldn't find her bike.


    Finally/eventually she had the wrong shoes.


    So she had to go to Mr Wilson's office the principal.


    What a bad day!




    Homework: tuesday 24th


    recopier la leçon sur pearltrees/ brot2you


    apprendre situation 1 and 2 (interrogation orale)


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