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    #7 Tuesday, September 25th 2018

    Password: I want to believe

    = je veux y croire!


    Correction situation 2

    There are two characters: a teacher and Amy.

    The scene takes place in Barnet School in the corridors.

    The scene takes place in the morning.

    Amy is late. It's strange because she is never late. She is always on time.

    She had lots of problems.

    First, her little brother lost his tie so she helped him find it in his messy bedroom.

    And then she only had 2 minutes to put her uniform on.

    So she hurried. And then she looked for her bike but it wasn't there.

    So she walked to school but she had got the wrong shoes.

    Finally/eventually she had to go to Mr Wilson's office.


    To be on time = être à l'heure.

    A tie = une cravate

    messy = en désordre

    to look for = chercher

    wrong = mauvais





    Max, I haven't got your tie and Jenny hasn't got your shoes.

    I know these children. They are your friends.

    Have chess club players got a uniform? Is it blue and green?

    I've got a usb stick.



    Homework: wednesday

    Apprendre la leçon

    ex 5 et 6


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