• Lesson 9


    #9 monday, September 24th 2018




    password= nap time


    =heure de la sieste




    There are 3 characters: Amy, Alice and Adam


    They are members of the A-club.


    The scene takes place in London in an house or appartment/flat in a




    They are introducing themselves. They are recording their first youtube




    Adam is the first.


    Name: his name is Adam


    Age: He is 13


    Passions and Talents: he is sporty. He can sing and can play the guitar so he is


    artistic. .


    Family: he has got a sister and a twin brother named/called Luke.


    Physical /moral description: He is lazy but he is natural and not shy at all. He has got blue eyes


    and he is cute.


     A flat = un appartement sporty= sportif artistic= artistique


    to record = enregistrer twin = jumeau lazy= paresseux


    shy = timid cute= mignon(ne)




    homework : tuesday 25th 


    recopier la leçon et l'apprendre.(interro orale)


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