• lesson 9

    #9 Friday, September 21st 2018

    mm= valentin


    password: what do you mean? = que veux tu dire ?

    To mean means "signifier, vouloir dire"


    Présenter les résultats de son travail de compréhension

    group 2 : maitrise insuffisante.

    Group 1 : maitrise fragile





    The scene takes place in Barnet School.

    The teacher is waiting for Amy upstairs. She looks angry.

    Amy is late. She is never late but this morning she had

    lots of problems:

    First, her little brother couldn't find his tie in his messy 

    bedroom. So she helped him. So she had two minutes to

    put her uniform on.

    Then, she didn't find her bike so she walked to school.

    Finally she hasn't got the right shoes. She has got the

    wrong shoes. She must go the Mr Wilson's office!


    Upstairs: en haut des escaliers

    find/ found = trouver

    tie = cravate

    messy= en désordre

    wrong VS right = mauvais VS bon

    Homework: tuesday 25th september

    Apprendre les deux situations

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