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    # 24 – Wednesday , November 23rd 2017


    password= speak your mind

    = dis le fond de ta pensée


    She's climbing onto Big Ben

    he's hanging under the plane

    She's jumping onto the ground from/off the double

    decker bus (bus à impériale)

    he's riding his bike onto the boat from the bridge

    he's running after the cab (taxi)

    she's driving the boat under the bridge

    she's chasing after the boat


    2. he's jumping off the helicopter/chopper

    3.he's driving a bus out of the city

    4. they are riding motos onto the marches of the British


    5. they are riding quads around Trafalgar Square


    • work on Kingsman's cartoon

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    Ecouter Under the Bridge par Red hot chili pepper

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