• Here is one of my other sites in which teachers could find interesting stuff such as video to be exploited in class, etc.



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    Here are some very interesting sites made by very competent English teachers. Just click on the pictures below to get to the blogs.

    Warmupsfollowups is Claudio Azevedo's site. You'll find many useful movie segments to teach in class. Classified in categories and containing lesson plans, the site is a real mine!


    English day by day is Philippe Hattais' blog. You'll find many information and you'll be able to improve your English thanks to the numerous activities proposed.


    Teachers' blogs


    How I met my teacher is Anne Menenteau's blog. You'll find many activities and lessons for high school pupils. Enjoy!

    Teachers' blogs

    English at Einstein, the blog created by Mr Ferrari from Einstein High (Bagnol sur Cèze)

    "This blog is an experience designed to help you study literature more actively and - I hope -  enjoy it. The idea is to share your work and comments on what we read and study.

    I hope you will have fun reading and sharing, in English of course.


    Colleagues might find some ideas and documents for teaching ELE. Thanks for the feedback in case you find anything of interest."

    Michelle Henry's famous website. No need to present this really useful site!!!!




    Another teacher's website is an interesting place where you can fin and share documents and lessons between teachers. You can even share your expericences and your ideas.


    Another teacher's website


    My English Teacher's blog : A blog on which you'll find very interesting videos and works.


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    Teachers : A useful site where you can find interesting documents:


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    Open English Web is a site where you can find interesting and useful worksheets and advice for teachers:


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