• the fault in our stars

    # 31 – Friday , December 15th 2017


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    Correction of the picture.

    Be going to

    study of the trailer.




    there are two characters: a boy and a girl (2 teenagers).

    They are lying down on the grass top to tail. She has got a breathing

    apparatus. She may be sick. They are smiling they look happy.

    Maybe they are dreaming about their mutual future. They must be

    in love.


    probably their love is impossible because the girl has got a serious

    sickness/disease. Her future is written: it's death. She is going to die.

    So their destiny / fate is cursed/ doomed. They are unlucky because

    they met love but this love is impossible: they blame the stars, they

    blame their destiny. 



    To lie = s'allonger top to tail = tête bêche breathing apparatus: appareil respiratoire.


    Sickness/disease = maladie serious= grave death(N) = La mort


    dead (adj) = mort die (V) = mourir. Fate = destiny


    cursed / doomed = maudit a curse = une malédiction/sort to blame = to reproach






    Exprimer un futur proche avec BE GOING TO + BV


    ex: I'm going to eat pastas at noon.


    I'm going to watch SW this afternoon.






    This is the story of Gus and Hazel. They meet by chance. It's love


    at first sight. It's a love struck. The problem is that Hazel is seriously sick and she refuses to experience this love affair.




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