• Hello guys,

    Today I was supposed to be inspected with you. Unfortunately black ice changed the process of events. Most of you were absent but I decided to continue the lesson because we need to carry on cos we're a bit late.

    Today you had to prepare the following document:

    You had 10 mn to prepare it in groups. Then Cassandra volunteered to present it. She did it well. You evaluated her presentation thanks to the sheets I gave you.

    Then you asked her questions and we finally worked on the document together thanks the following worksheet:


    I showed you documents of the same campaign, and documents dealing with the notion of Framed story / embedded stories / mise en abyme.

    I presented you the other examples of illustrations created by the newspaper.

    I also presented you the project you'll have to do in groups:

    Here is what you have to do: Create a visual for one of the characters from Doris Lessing’s novel, based on the Matryoshka Dolls ads from the Insight Story campaign for the Swiss weekly newpaper Sonntags Zeintug (which has been running from 2008)


    you have to make the analysis of the main document.

    you must finish the spidergram and use it to make your analysis.


    You must guess what is the message of the following videos:

    Here is what we said about the document so far:

    Presentation Nature Advert/ ad/ for the Swiss weekly newspaper SonntagsZeitung 

    The campaign is entitled The Insight Story

    Source: Date not mentioned

    Topic: The different levels of understanding of information

    Description The document is a photomontage /ˌfəʊtəʊmɒnˈtɑːʒ/ based on the idea of the matryoshka doll, or babushka doll:  a Russian nesting doll which is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. 

    We can divide the picture into two parts: (or 3 parts: the folded newspaper)


    It is blurred. We can perceive/ guess many photographers taking photos → must take place during an important event such as a beauty contest.


    4 characters are composing the Russian /'rʌʃn/ nesting doll. Interlocked / embedded/ nested / fitting into each other(Imbriquées)

    From outside to inside:

    → The outside doll depicts a gorgeous lady. She must be a model or an actress.

    She is waving at the audience/public. She looks perfect and radiant /'reɪdɪənt/.

    She is wearing a turquoise / ˈtɜːkwɔɪz/ dress and a necklace.

    → the second doll (Donatella Versace known for numerous surgery) seems to represent the same kind of person but she looks less radiant,  she looks plain. The makeup is less bright.

    Expression is neutral.

    → The third doll (Jocelyn Wildenstein – The bride of Frankenstein) shows a lady who has resorted /rɪ'zɔ:t/ to plastic surgery / nip and tuck.

    She doesn’t look like a human being at all → looks like a lion. (mane = crinière)

    The plastic surgery has failed → big mouth, artificial expression. (disturbing)

    → the fourth doll / the core : it’s the Monster of Frankenstein (character from the famous old movie by James Whale – 1931. With Boris Karloff)

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